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Media and Collaborations

I enjoy working with brands that I believe in.

I can assist with Recipe Creation; Promoting and Reviewing Products; Food Styling; Food Photography; and Advice for companies on Building Brand Engagement on Social Media.


Please contact me at to discuss further. 


Here is a sample of some of the companies I have worked with, and some of the places where my work has been featured...

Vegan Neapoloitan Mini Cheesecakes

Instagram collab with Morlife

I collaborated with Morlife on 4 Instagram posts over June and July 2016.

I created recipes using their cacao powder, chia seeds, beetroot powder, cacao nibs, goji berries and quinoa.

Some of my recipes included the Neapolitan Cheesecakes and Pancakes, and Malted Caramel Maca Zoats


I collaborated with Natvia on a multitude of Instagram and Facebook posts over 3 years,

I featured in a large number of their eBooks, including my own Natvia eBook.

Reposts have been done by sister Natvia sites globally.

I developed a number of recipes for Power Super Foods, and featured on their social media pages on a multitude of occasions over two years.

I was honoured to be a Guest Blogger in November 2015. Click the Power Super Foods image to see the link to my first Blog Post on the Power Super Foods website.

Click the Power Super Foods Title name above for the link to my second Blog post on Photography Tips on the Power Super Foods Website

My refined sugar free recipes feature on the Sweeter Life Club website on numerous occasions, including the making of my own eBook.

Click on the Sweeter life picture for a link to my recipes on this website.

Click on the button for a link to my Free Sweeter Life Club eBook.

I created a number of recipes for Natural Raw C over 3 years, featuring their Plain and flavoured coconut waters.

My recipes have been featured on multiple occasions on their social media sites.

I took over the @naturalrawc Instagram account for a week in October 2015

I collaborated with Almond Breeze on a number of Instagram and Facebook posts and promotions over 3 years, including attendance at events, and featured on their social media on numberous occasions.

The Feed Feed

My work has been featured a number of times on The Feed Feed website, including the Vegan Desserts Feed; Coconut Feed; Parfaits Feed; Pancakes Stack 'Em Up Feed; Vegan Feed; and on their Instagram page @TheFeedFeed.Vegan

Click here or on the Image to see my page on The Feed Feed Website

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