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Dragon Fruit Nicecream Parfait

Dragon fruit Nicecream Parfait

How gorgeous is the colour of Dragon fruit / Pitaya!?

I used Just Blends 100% Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit Powder to get the gorgeous colour

Layered with Table of Plenty Nicely Nutty muesli, plain oats, kiwi and topped with dragon fruit and kiwi flowers. What a perfect meal in a cup 💕 Expect to see lots of dragon fruit inspired smoothie bowls and chia puddings coming up


Dragon Fruit Nicecream Parfait

(Serves 1)

1 frozen banana

1 peeled zucchini (optional)

1 Tbsp Dragon Fruit powder

2 Tbsp Coconut water

Blend until smooth

Layer with muesli, chopped dragon fruit and kiwi

#Breakfast #dragonfruit #Pitaya #Parfait #Nicecream

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