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Healthier Flavoured Milk Ideas

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws

As my own health and sugar free journey has progressed, so has my desire to find healthier alternatives for my kids. Some new recipes that I have tried out on them have been a huge success, some have been looked at with suspicious eyes, and some met with total refusal! But I persevere, as like every parent, I want the best for my family.

The thing I love about kids, is that there's no hiding how they feel about things. If they totally dislike something, you'll know about it!

One of the great products that the kids have been enjoying for years however, are these flavoured straws from Sipahh. After checking out the nutritional label on some of the flavoured milk powders we had been using, I was shocked at the amount of sugar in them! So I found these straws in a variety pack as I was browsing the aisles at the supermarket, and I was very pleased to see they had less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar per straw.

One thing you all know about me, and most healthy eaters, is that we always read the nutritional panel, and we're always on the lookout for portion controlled meals. As anything can look good on a panel, but if you use five times the amount you are supposed to, then you can often be consuming a lot more sugar or calories than you realise.

So I love the fact that these straws are portion controlled. One straw is required per 250ml cup of milk. Plus the kids get a variety of flavours to choose from. It's almost like the old days of the Neapolitan tub of ice cream. One person likes chocolate, the other likes strawberry etc.. With 18 flavours to choose from, there's one to please every member of the family.

I was excited to see the introduction of the new Ice Cool Hipster Latte flavour, which is caffeine-free, yet gives you that classic Aussie iced coffee flavour without all the added ice-cream, and sugar. Yum! I used to love Iced Coffees on a hot Summer's day, so I was right into trying this immediately with some ice cold almond milk. So good! I love the fact that it's caffeine free as well, so I can drink it in the afternoon when I pick the kids up from school, and I'm not left wide awake at night staring at the ceiling from the usual afternoon caffeine hit. Genius. Plus it's a great way to let the kids try a different flavour.

One other tip for health conscious parents, is that it's a great way to get your kids to have a bit of fruit or spinach in their drink. Just blend a couple of blueberries (or other fruit), or some spinach leaves with your favourite reduced fat milk, nut or soy milk, and then pop in a flavoured straw, and the kids get all the goodness, with the flavour from their straw!

Tricks of the trade! The more I sneak these things in to the kids' diet, the more it will become the norm for them. Plus you can make some yummy flavour combinations.

Given it's chilly still in Australia at the moment, and both myself and the kids love a cup of warm milk at different times throughout the year, it's great that you can also use these straws with warm milk. The Cocoa-Bean Chocolate straw in the pic below was a firm favourite with my son and I, and Ella loved the Okey-Dokey Cookies & Cream.

So definitely check these out for your own family.

Sipahh have been kind enough to give me a 20% discount for you to use in their online store. Just enter HEALTHYJO at the checkout at for the discount.

They have lots of exclusive flavours online, like the Ice Cool Hipster Latte that you can't get in the supermarket. So head on over and check out their range.

I just love this Aussie invention, and I know you will too.

Jo xx

Disclaimer - This post was proudly sponsored by Sipahh. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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