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Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl

Vegan Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl

No matter the weather, smoothie bowls always seem to be on the menu.

Chocolate and fruit, just seem to go hand in hand. They are the happy marriage of what appears unhealthy (but isn't) and what's super healthy. So psychologically they balance each other out!

The chocolate flavour comes from Cacao powder and Cacao Protein powder, so it really isn't bad for you at all, but full of antioxidants.

Normally to make choc smoothie bowls, people tend to use a lot of frozen bananas, and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm partial to a good nana ice-cream, just like the rest of them. But if you're looking for a nutritious and tasty breakfast, packed with fibre, protein, less calories and carbs, then do I have the replacement for you.

I've hidden my favourite veggie in here - the zucchini, including the skin, as that's where all the goodness is. And to avoid it coming out a gross swamp colour, I replaced another banana with a cup of frozen strawberries, which are super cheap in Australia at the moment. So instead of three frozen bananas, you have 1 banana, a zucchini and some strawberries. Genius really.

To save on having to add extra superfood ingredients myself, I used my new and delicious Organic Cacao Superfood Vegan Pea Protein from Wildbag. It contains, pea protein (17g protein per serve), cacao, chai seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame, quinoa flour, stevia and camu camu. It also doesn't have that gross aftertaste that some pea proteins have. So I'm pretty impressed so far.

A perfect start to the day after my fasted cardio this morning.

I hope you give it a try.

Jo xx


Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl

(Serves 1)

1 frozen sliced banana

1 zucchini sliced (skin on)

1 cup frozen sliced strawberries

1/2 - 1 cup coconut water

1/2 Tbsp granulated stevia (or preferred sweetener to taste

1 Tbsp Cacao powder

2 Tbsp Organic Cacao Pea Protein Powder

5 ice cubes

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth, adding coconut water slowly to your desired consistency.

I topped with sliced fruit and some freeze dried pomegranate arils from PomLifeAU.

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